Call for Submissions: Dairy Queens Zine

10:02 AM

I’m working on a zine about the women who make the Milwaukee music scene great. I’m looking for submissions! If you are a writer, artist, musician, or any other type of creative, I would love to have your work in the zine.

Here are some examples of submissions I am looking for…
-Artist profiles – Write about your favorite female Milwaukee musician. Why do you love them? What makes them great? What are their best songs? 

-Scene reports – What has your experience as a Milwaukee music fan been like? What do you think of the local scene/culture? 

-Concert reviews – Write about the best shows you’ve been to in Milwaukee (preferably local musicians) 

-Album reviews – Write a review or two of a local album(s). 

-Interviews – Interview a woman in Milwaukee music you admire – musician, DJ, artist, etc.

-Any art related to women and/or music will be accepted and used in the zine.

-Are you in a band? Do you make music? Send over your music and we will write about how much we love it in the zine.
-Make a playlist of your favorite Milwaukee songs.

This is the first zine I’ve ever made, so these topic suggestions are just that… suggestions. I want to get submissions from a variety of contributors so if nothing up here sounds good to you but you still want to submit, let me know.
Even though the primary focus of the zine is women in Milwaukee music, I would still like submissions from men as well.
Please send submissions, questions, other inquiries via my Facebook account or email me:
Feel free to share this post with anyone who might be interested. Thanks :~)

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